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You x Us: Alex Bell

5 Questions with UXUS' Client Service Director
29 April, 2024
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We asked UXUS Client Service Director, Alex Bell, about the future of the creative industry, the role of culturally sensitive design, and fostering collaborative relationships with partners.

Q: How do you envision the future of the creative industry?

Alex: In the future, I envision the creative industry becoming increasingly digital-first, pre to post project, with a stronger need to foster greater collaboration between talent who can harness these evolving capabilities. We'll see a shift towards more personalized, data-driven solutions to cater to the ever-evolving needs of clients. Using design strategies, we will reimagine spaces and deliver exceptional experiences tailored to clients' unique requirements. UXUS is already leading here, but is forever learning and evolving to ensure we meet the pace of consumers and clients alike. Working with the likes of P&G and Bentley recently have challenged us on this, asking us to move their needle, prompting us to always move ours.

Q: You work with clients across the world. How do you ensure that your work fits the particular cultural context for each client?

Alex: Culturally sensitive design is a crucial aspect of our work, especially when we consider some of our clients who often have global appeal but need to flex to nuance in each region, whether we are servicing McDonald's or Bentley, we invest time in researching and understanding the unique social, cultural, and contextual factors that shape each their environment. We create tailored solutions that celebrate diverse cultural nuances, regional flexibility, while ultimately delivering immersive experiences that resonate with local audiences & reflecting our clients' distinct visions. Like always, the richer the input, the richer the solution

Q: How do you work with clients to provide an outside-in view that challenges beliefs and pushes them to explore new creative territories?

Alex: I believe in establishing an open, collaborative relationship with clients, focusing on their end-user needs. Asking the right questions at the kick off allows you to present them with thought-provoking insights and creative strategies, challenge preconceived notions, and challenge and prod their comfort zones.

Q: How would you describe your job to a 5 year-old?

Alex: I work with a group of fun and inspiring people. We play and dream up spaces for exciting brands.

Q: What motivates you?

Alex: People. I'm motivated by the people around me. Enthusiastic, creative minds, who want to dive in and resolve challenges big and small. Plus seeing people connect with our work and witnessing client' success.

About Alex

Alex, who joined the FutureBrand Group in 2011, has extensive experience working for global clients —successfully supporting some of the worlds largest brands such as Shell, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, W Hotel, P&G and Bucella. With a vast project portfolio, including retail environment and rollout, corporate identity and brand management implementation, Alex ensures every project is to brief, on time and to budget.

During his time at UXUS, Alex supported Bentley with the rollout and development of their retail CI; working with them on a broad range of identity projects, across their environments, as well as Lenovo, through a rebrand of both their Masterbrand and product brand identities, in conjunction with a refreshed retail offer.

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