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McDonald's Jeju: An architectural homage to the moon, blending culture and innovation

Revolutionizing the fast-food experience through cutting-edge design.
23 April, 2024
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UXUS, in partnership with McDonald's, unveils McDonald's Jeju, an iconic drive-thru restaurant located on the stunning Jeju Island in South Korea. This project builds upon our ‘Luna’ décor concept, initially crafted for the Chinese market and now embraced globally due to its remarkable success. With this new site, Jeju, we drew from Luna’s inspiration – the circle, symbolizing inclusivity and unity – and adapted it for optimum cultural relevance and emotional resonance with South Korean consumers. Jeju has been brought to life as a complete architectural expression, both interior and exterior.

UXUS Mc Donalds Jeju Exteriror Architecture Design

"At UXUS, we collaborated closely with the McDonald's team to ensure every aspect of McDonald's Jeju reflects our shared vision," says George Gottl, CCO and founder of UXUS. Pride swells as we unveil Korea's first free-standing McDonald's Luna decor. A harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, inviting you to savor the cultural richness beneath the golden arches."

UXUS Mc Donalds Jeju Exterior Architecture Design

The architectural design pays homage to Jeju's coastal beauty, seamlessly blending elements of the rising moon and undulating sea waves. Circular cutouts in the upper facade mirror the moon's ascent, while wooden slats in the lower section mimic the rhythmic movement of waves, symbolizing the sea horizon of Jeju.

UXUS Mc Donalds Jeju Rooftop Exterior Design

The rooftop design extends the design language with local cues unique to Jeju Island. For example traditional Dol Hareubang statues reference the myth of Seolmundae Halmang (who created Jeju Island) and 500 Generals, her sons. These local cues help foster a deep sense of place and community connection, as diners enjoy panoramic ocean views, creating unforgettable dining moments.

UXUS Mc Donalds Jeju Interior Design Seating

Inside, the restaurant interior also integrates innovative semi-circular seating typologies, symbolizing and inviting connectivity. Stools and free-seating encourage a flexible experience, while layers of partitions and 'full-moon’ windows create transparency throughout the space.

McDonald's Jeju Oedo DT represents a seamless integration of innovation, sustainability, and cultural relevance, setting new standards for fast-food experiences. This project exemplifies the power of design and collaboration, marking a significant milestone in McDonald's ongoing commitment to evolving the future of fast food.

UXUS Mc Donalds Jeju Interior

About UXUS

UXUS is a global strategic design consultancy that re-imagines consumer experiences for the 21st century. We harness the power of retail, hospitality and experience to transform the world’s leading brands – from creating the ultimate peer-to-peer education hub for Sephora to the new dining experiences for McDonald’s. UXUS is proud to be recognized by the industry for its creative excellence.

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