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UXUS is an (Global retail design brand agency) end-to-end consultancy that offers comprehensive design services encompassing the entire customer journey, including retail design, hospitality design, experience retail design, UX digital services, financial analytics and proof of concept metrics.

For over 15 years, we have transformed the world’s top brands by elevating brand perception and increasing customer engagement through our awe-inspiring environments and experiences.

UXUS means You Times Us, we value the collective power of unique perspectives, cultures and backgrounds and since 2003 our company has grown to encompass a diverse and inclusive group of talent from all over the world.

Our diverse team gives us unique insights into global markets and regions to target and reach your customers meaningfully.

Together, UXUS will help you bring your brand to life and engage customers through unforgettable transformative customer experiences and environments.

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Uxus means you and us

We are multi-disciplinary. We think about the why. We think big. And then, we make it real.

Beyond a mission, our secret to success is to elevate and build up one another to be the best and truest version of ourselves, from the first day to every day.

To deeply understand each other without assumptions. To learn continually how we work and what we need to grow, so we can grow together.

To hold space for each other. Whether it’s sharing influence and knowledge. Promoting our individual or team success. Or holding ourselves accountable with constructive criticism.

And, most importantly, to use our collective power to challenge systemic inequities in our industry and the world around us. To champion the culture of diversity, equity and inclusion every single day.

We are honored to speak at some of the world's leading institutions

Unilever Senior Management Conference 'What is Beauty?'
Microsoft Design Management Institute 'Narrative Design: Stories Beyond Words'
Maison Retail Lab 'The Conversation Age'
Harvard Design Management Institute 'The Power of the Intangible'
Laroche Guest Speaker 'Narrative Design: Stories Beyond Words'
Chanel Senior Management Conference 'Chanel Beauty Conference'
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