UXUS is a full-service global customer experience (CX) retail design agency. UXUS harnesses the power of storytelling to drive CX transformation.

UXUS is a full-service customer experience (CX) consultancy. We harness the power of storytelling to drive CX transformation.

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Our CX Methodology

We believe that a great customer experience is like a great story, with a unique plot that leaves you wanting more. Our methodology is rooted in the principles of great storytelling.

Act 1:


Set the stage, know your audience and plot the master narrative to define your CX vision.

Act 2:


Storyboard the customer journey and bring the CX to life through highly-orchestrated signature moments.

Act 3:


Test and optimize the CX to build the first pilot, followed by a full-scale release with a bang.

Discover Our Transformative Customer Experience Case Studies

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Buzzworthy Provencal Oasis.

A two-floor, immersive oasis in the heart of London fuses food and beverage with skin care and makeup services for a category-disrupting, omni-channel, social-media ready experience.

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"UXUS was great, and we're still in regular dialogue with the practice. It's now one of our true partners. We're really pleased with the store - the customer feedback has been brilliant so we know that our customers really like it."

Jamie Taylor, ex Retail, Property & Wholesale Director at L'Occitane

Our Customer Experiences unlock remarkable brand growth

Increase in footfall


for L'Occitane Brand

Higher inventory turnover


for L'Occitane brand experience

In-store sales increase


for Godiva Hong Kong experiene pilot

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The Future of Luxury is Invisible

George Gottl, Chief Creative Officer at UXUS, shares his vision on luxury experiences for leading intelligence website, LS:N.

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