Spaces built on Experiences. Brands built on Emotions.

UXUS transforms emotion into enhanced commercial outcomes through world-class physical retail & hospitality design.

We have 3 key principles on how to
get the most effective results for you


We fully immerse ourselves in your brand and your audience to explore the core emotions we need to build on.


We collaborate with our clients to fully appreciate the underlying issues in the brief.


We build experiences first, spaces second because the space is simply the stage to help your brand engage your customer.

UXUS creates comprehensive, future-focused
solutions through 5 core disciplines


Differentiating brands through in-depth research & distinct positioning


Bringing brands to life through signature touchpoints & service


Creating awe-inspiring, branded environments


Activating spaces with engaging storytelling & intuitive wayfinding


Ensuring smooth coordination &

We reimagine consumer experiences for the world's leading brands

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UXUS is honored to be acknowledged by many prestigious international awards

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Design week
Hospitality design
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