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You x Us: Cristian Radu

5 Questions with UXUS' 3D Visualizer
19 February, 2024
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We touch base with our 3D Visualizer, Cristian Radu, to talk about the seamless fusion of technology and creativity, overcoming creative blocks with playful experimentation, and the delicate balance between functionality and commerciality in design.

Q; How do you envision the future of the creative industry?

Cristian: Nowadays, technology seamlessly merges with creativity, offering immersive experiences for all. I expect democratization of creativity, as more advanced tools become user-friendly, allowing diverse voices to shine. Moreover, the use of AI has already made the leap from being a platform to becoming a specific tool tailored to meet specific business needs. The lines between different creative disciplines have started to blur, giving rise to truly holistic and immersive experiences that engage audiences on a profound level, so buckle up!

Q: How do you tackle creative blocks and find inspiration during challenging times?

Cristian: Whenever I experience a creative block, for me, it is essential to not shy away from its failure – I embrace it as a learning process and transform it into an opportunity for growth. I also like to approach them with a sense of playfulness. The ability to experiment, take risks, and enjoy the process is vital. It's not just about the end result, but the joy of exploration and the unexpected discoveries made along the journey.

Q: How do you balance creativity with functionality and commerciality?

Cristian: This is a delicate dance. For example, when we developed the Luna Décor for McDonald’s in South Korea, my approach involved envisioning the creative journey as what a trailer is to a movie - through visualizations I merged the brand within a realm of possibilities. Functionality is the backbone. Simultaneously, I aimed to elevate the design, making it memorable and engaging. Ultimately, this dance is about creating a design that not only resonates with the target audience but fulfills the objectives of our client, bridging the gap between imagination and business impact.

Jeju Facade incl copyright

Q: How would you describe your job to a 5-year-old?

Cristian: I make pretty things. See above ;)

Q: What book or podcast do you think everyone should read/listen to?

Cristian: I find the podcast series 'Diary of a CEO' quite interesting. One of my favorite episodes is with Mo Gawdat, and you can listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/episo...

About Cristian

Cristian has over 8 years of international experience as a 3D designer, with diverse expertise from realtime 3D building scanning to animations and fully immersive VR experiences. Having previously worked as a Lead Visualiser in London at Tetris D&B, he holds a holistic approach for every project with a keen eye for details and an excellent understanding of the client needs. Cristian’s portfolio also includes retail and hospitality design for companies such as Shell, Bentley, McDonald's and fit-out design & built projects for Exor, FORA and TransferWise among many others.

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