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UXUS white paper: Transforming emotion into experience

redefining 'impact' in the post-covid retail environment
5 July, 2022
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There has been a question mark over the role and value of brick-and-mortar stores since the very inception of online shopping.

For consumers, the question is what can a store offer that competes with the convenience of shopping at home or on-the-go? For brands, why invest money, resources and people in physical retail when consumption is increasingly moving online? Yet profitability is not the only transaction in the retail environment. As a new model of consumer engagement emerges in the post-pandemic area, it's time to redefine how we measure 'impact' in retail spaces.

To learn more about how UXUS helps to drive a shift in this measurement and enables brands to clearly see how they could measure 'impact' in the future, please


Get in touch at info@uxus.com

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